Preparing Outboard Boat Motors for Water

Especially if the boat has not been used for some months, in order for it to be ready for the water, the motor systems need to be reviewed, cleaned and set ready for operation.


One of the best practices is to drain and clean the fuel lines and pump to be sure that the gas will run smoothly and that there are no dirt, oil or water in the lines that may clog the carburetor or damage the motor.


As with the regular maintenance, a tune up before using a boat that have been sitting is an excellent practice that also serves as diagnosis for other potential mechanical issues.


Without use, and especially in high temperatures, lower unit seals may crack or fail allowing water into the oil risking damage in the gears. A full lower unit service is highly recommended.


A water pump service is mandatory for a boat that hasn’t been used for some time. It is necessary to guarantee that the water system works perfectly in order to cool your motor, otherwise the motor would suffer serious damage.

In general, water pumps fail often when a boat has been sitting up which makes parts easy to crack. Water pumps also fail when running without water, a mistake that some people unfamiliar with outboard motors make.

When the water pump is damaged the solution is to replace it.

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