Outboard Motor Diagnostics

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ONE OF THE MANY SERVICES WE OFFER IS OUTBOARD MOTOR DIAGNOSTIC. Diagnostics is similar to all boats, including electrical systems, fuel systems, engine mechanics, and spun bearing. Usually the most challenging is the electrical system, it has become complex because of sophisticated computer control and…

Preparing Outboard Boat Motors for Water

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Especially if the boat has not been used for some months, in order for it to be ready for the water, the motor systems need to be reviewed, cleaned and set ready for operation. FUEL DRAIN & CLEANING One of the best practices is to…

We Service All Types of Boats

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Different boats put different demands on their motors depending on the boat usage and environment. We service all types of boats! We know and have used all type of motor boats so we know them well. since we use boats to fish regularly, as well…

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