The maintenance of your outboard motor will keep it running at high performance with power and fuel efficiency while providing a smooth and trouble free operation. Learn more about Preparing Outboards for Water.


Outboard motors general periodic maintenance not only prevents repairs and makes the motor reliable, it also assures performance, including fuel efficiency and the longevity of the motor.

Maintenance is typically done every season, or at the recommended number of hours of operation. Right before the summer (around May) is an usual time, or approximately every 60 hours, depending on the type of boat and its usage.



As simple as it sounds, outboard motors needs the proper oil, and it is an opportunity to see if there are any other symptoms of mechanic problems that would be present or may come in the future.



The maintenance of the lower unit includes checking the oil, seals, as well as checking if the gears are working properly, and smoothly. This is also a diagnostic opportunity to avoid any potential gear failures in the future.



They are necessary to keep your outboard motor running smooth and performing at its top possible efficiency and power. As with all maintenance, tune ups also serve as diagnostic opportunities. We also know what parts to use for each motor and boat usage.

There is a reason why race cars or motorcycles gets tuned permanently, for every race and practice.

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